Information for South African citizens:

Registration of South Africans Abroad - ROSA

The ROSA software is an on-line registration process available on the Department of Foreign Affairs’ web-site. The address is

Click on the button and follow the easy steps.

The ROSA software is unique. The software allows for a traveler to:

How can the Embassy or Consulate assist me while I am abroad?

The Chief Directorate: Consular Services in the Department of Foreign Affairs, in close collaboration with the Consular Sections of South African Representatives abroad, provides consular services to South African citizens who work, live and travel abroad.
Consular Services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On weekends and after hours, assistance is rendered in co-operation with the Department's Operations Room in Pretoria. The Operations Room supports our 121 representative offices in 105 countries affording services that cover the entire world.

A detailed list of services is available at