COVID-19 Health Advisory



  • Applications for passports remain closed until end of June 2020
  • Visa applications abroad remain closed until further notice.
  • Clients need to make an appointment ahead of time in order to be allowed entry to the Consulates premises.
  • Only two (2) clients will be allowed into the Consulate General reception area at any given time
  • Members of the public wishing to enter the Consulate, should wear a face mask & gloves (face masks; and gloves are not provided to the public by the Consulate General).
  • Please ensure you have the exact amount of money necessary to pay for the specific service you require. Change will not be provided by the Consulate so as to minimise the touching of cash.
  • Temperature scan with an infrared digital thermometer will be conducted on entering the Consulate
  • On entering the Consulate, please sanitise your hands with the hand sanitizer provided at reception main door.
  • When you cough or sneeze, do so in your folded elbow
  • Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose and mouth)
  • Children will only be allowed access to the Consulate if the particular service required is related to the child.
  • Maintain the recommended physical distance, 2 metres, while waiting outside for services, in the reception area inside office (only use two chairs identified for seating no standing).
  • When interacting with officials at the reception, please maintain the recommended physical distance of 2 meters, and maintain health and safety behaviour, and always wear face mask at all times.


The South African Consulate-General is currently closed to the public and therefore we are not making appointments for the services of the Commissioner of Oaths. 

There is a process through which documents can be authenticated which does not require a visit to the office. The document can be signed with a notary and sent to Global Affairs Canada or the provincial authority delegated to legalize documents for use in a foreign country following which the documents can be sent to the Consulate-General for the Certificate of Authentication to be attached. Herewith is the link for the authentication process for Ontario for your information:

After the documents have been authenticated by the provincial authority they can be mailed to the South African Consulate:
South African Consulate-General
Attention: Corporate Service Manager
110 Sheppard Avenue East
Suite 600
M2N 6Y8

There is no fee for this service but you must include a prepaid self-addressed return envelope with the documents that need to be authenticated.