General information for all passport applicants

  • Passports are not renewable. If your passport is due to expire you have to apply for a new passport.
  • The processing of documents is done by the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa. However, all applications must still be submitted or forwarded to your nearest South African Mission. The High Commission or Consulate General Toronto do not have any influence on expediting the processing of applications.
  • To ensure that applicants receive their documents on time, they are advised to apply at least TWELVE months prior to their intended date of departure or date of expiry of passports. It takes 6 months to process new South African documents.
  • No photocopying services will be provided. Applicants MUST bring their own copies as well as original documents then we will certify your South African documents free of charge if you are applying in person.
  • Fingerprints can be taken at the nearest police station, fingerprints taking centers or notary public office. Electronic fingerprints on police cards are not accepted.
  • South Africans are required to keep their passports valid at all times even if not travelling.
  • Adult South African citizens holding dual citizenship must enter or depart South Africa making use of a South African passport only.

All forms to be completed in BLACK ink.

Do not SCRATCH or use WITE-OUT on forms.

Do not to write “N/A” or draw lines through the form if the question does not apply, leave blank space.

No not send expired passports to the High Commission to Consulate General..