Permanent resident permit

Processing time: 12 – 24 months

Fee: CAN $ 115.00: (effective from 01 NOV 2022)

  • Permanent residence applications are sent to South Africa for processing.

Collect the documents listed under basic requirements and over 90 days visit. Each application must have its own supporting documents or we will deem it incomplete.Complete Application form BI-947 in black ink. Do not use wite-out on forms or make alterations. Make sure this is signed and your email and working telephone number is there. Do not remove any pages from the application.

  • CAN $115.00 processing fee. Please pay using money order or certified cheque payable to the “South African Consulate-General” in Toronto or to the “South African High Commission” in Ottawa. No cash, please. No personal cheque, please.
  • A duly completed BI-9 OR DHA -9 FORM which will be provided by the South African Consulate-General in Toronto and fingerprints will be taken during the interview in respect of any applicant over the age of 16 years.
  • Two immigration size pictures on white background (35mm in width and 45mm in height)
  • an unabridged birth certificate in respect of each dependent child;
  • a deed poll in the case of an applicant who has changed his or her name, surname or sex; and
  • the documents relating to the applicant’s marital status or spousal relationship contemplated in regulation 3(2);
  • Book an appointment in advance to be interviewed in Toronto BY EMAILING
  • Once an interview has been completed your application will be forwarded to South Africa for processing.
  • The Consulate-General or High Commission has no powers to accelerate the process but we will follow up on your behalf after the turnaround time stipulated has lapsed.
  • Official Letters/ Contract of Employment from South Africa can only be signed by South African citizens and Permanent Residents only.