Visits for 90 days and under

Kindly Note: The address for your appointment is at the South African Chancery at 15 Sussex Drive, Ottawa. It is not 5 Rideau Gate.

A reminder that Canadian citizens (only) who wish to visit South Africa for tourism and holiday or business conference purposes only, for the period of 90 days or less are exempted from visa requirements. Engaging in any other activities without a valid visa endorsement will be regarded as unlawful.

Please apply not earlier than one month before departure.

Please note that, as from 07 February 2022, all applications for immigration documents (Visa and Permits) should be lodged at the South African Consulate General in Toronto or at the South African High Commission in Ottawa.

If you think you may require a visa, please review the options from the options below.

Please note:          :                                                                                                          All personal / private invitations should be signed, have specific dates of length of stay, residential address and not to be in an email body. Personal invitation must be done and stamped at the police station. The host must include certified copy of utility bill to verify residential address.

Please also refer to other Important information for all Visa/Immigration applicants