Exemption from the loss of South African citizenship

Processing time: 1 month

Exemption in Terms of Section 26(4):

South African citizens who lost their South African citizenship through formal acquisition of another citizenship whilst no longer a minor (18 years and older) and without applying for retention prior to becoming a citizen of another country, may apply for exemption from the loss of their South African citizenship as long as they have acquired the other citizenship before October 6, 1995.Requirements:

  • Completed form BI-1666
  • Completed form BI-529
  • Certified copy of a foreign citizenship certificate showing the exact date of foreign citizenship acquisition
  • Certified copy of a South African ID or a passport
  • Certified copy of a South African birth certificate
  • Money order for CAN $41 per applicant made to the South African High Commission in Ottawa or South African Consulate General or cash exact amount if you are coming to apply in person
  • Postage -paid self-addressed A4 size envelope.