Civic Services

South African citizens abroad who require new passports, identity documents, or similar civic services usually provided by the Department of Home Affairs can visit the Consulate-General or High Commission for assistance. Please see the list below for Civic Services provided and the accompanying requirements.Passports
The requirements for the various types of passports are listed below.

Identity document(ID)
Applicants for identity documents should select First time application and Reissue of ID.

This section assists those wishing to retain their South African citizenship, as well as those wishing to be exempted from losing their South African citizenship and those wishing to renounce their South African citizenship.

Birth registration
Please review the various categories of birth registrations from the list below.

Full birth certificate (unabridged)

Marriage certificate

Divorce decree

Letter of non impediment

Death certificate

Personal amendments

Downloadable forms

Schedule of fees

Where to file your application

Time frames for services

Drivers Licences

Police clearances