Where to start

Ask yourself how long are you going to be in South Africa and then look for the requirements under that period of stay and collect them.

The next question should be what the purpose of your visit to South Africa is, and then look for that category and collect the requirements.

Combine the two categories and you should be ready to select the relevant visa needed (from the list on the left) before lodging your application at the Consulate-General or the High Commission.

A reminder that Canadian citizens (only) who wish to visit South Africa for tourism and holiday or business conference purposes only, for the period of 90 days or less are exempted from visa requirements. Engaging in any other activities without a valid visa endorsement will be regarded as unlawful.

Kindly Note: The address for your appointment is at the South African Chancery at 15 Sussex Drive, Ottawa. It is not 5 Rideau Gate.

Please note that, as from 19 April 2023, applications for immigration documents can also be lodged at The South African High Commission in Ottawa. Please refer to the footer of this webpage to find out which provinces are being served by the Consulate General in Toronto.

Please refer to other Important information for all Visa / Immigration applicants.

Where to Start?