Post of Senior domestic worker

29 January 2019

The South African High Commission has a vacancy for the post of Senior Domestic Worker.

Post Description:
Senior Domestic Worker

CAD$29 032 to CAD$33 332 per annum (plus benefits). Based on experience and qualifications

A minimum 5 years schooling; and a minimum of three years cooking experience

15 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Onario, K1M 1M8, Canada

Official Residence

High Commissioner of South Africa

Job / Post Details

Purpose of the Job: To perform Senior Domestic Worker duties at the Official Residence 

Other Responsibilities: To undertake food preparations for the family and during events at the Official Residence


  • Undertake the preparation of food for the family on a daily basis – plan and discuss menu with the High Commissioner,
  • Plan menus (typically SA) for events hosted at the Residence – discuss menu with the High Commissioner;
  • Procurement of all ingredients;
  • Ensure kitchen and all food preparation areas are clean, safe and hygienic
  • Serve food and drinks during social functions and meetings at the residence;
  • Check tableware, cooking facilities, expiry date of cooking materials regularly
  • Familiarity with different cuisines

All enquiries and CVs / resumes can be directed to: Mr. N Ndlela Send Email

Closing Date: 08 February 2019