Reporting death abroad:

Processing time: 6 monthsReporting death of South African citizen or permanent resident abroad:

  • BI-132 Application for Death Certificate form
  • Long form death certificate that includes important details like date, time and cause of death.
  • Complete DHA-1663
  • Please mail in the deceased original id and passports to us so we can cancel them and include a small express envelope for the return of these documents back to you safely.
  • Fee – CAN $10.00 cash exact amount if coming in person or mail in money order or certified cheque payable to South African Consulate General or South African High Commission
  • Small self addressed express envelope for the mailing of the certificate back to you when received from Home Affairs.

All forms to be completed in BLACK ink.

Do NOT to write “N/A” or draw lines through the form if the question does not apply, leave blank space.

Do NOT use white-out.