Schedule of fees

MONEY ORDER / CERTIFIED CHEQUE issued to THE SOUTH AFRICAN CONSULATE GENERAL in Toronto (no cash; no personal cheques)

Visas and Temporary Residence Permits

Port of Entry/Visitor’s Visa$ 32.00
Transit Visa$ 32.00
Visa to Attend Business Meetings (90 days or less)$ 32.00
Visa for Voluntary or Charitable Activities$ 32.00
Visa to Conduct Research$ 32.00
Sabbatical Visitor’s Visa$ 32.00
Study Visa / Exchange Visa$ 32.00
Treaty Visa$ 32.00
Medical Visa$ 32.00
Retired Person’s Visa$ 32.00
Business Permits (More than 90 days)$ 115.00
General Work Visa$ 115.00
Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa$ 115.00
Critical Skills/ Exceptional Skills Visa$ 115.00
Spousal Visa (Common Law)$ 32.00
Corporate Visa$ 115.00

Passports and Travel Documents

Child Passport$91.00
Emergency Travel Certificate$ 11.00
Identity Document (first issue of 16 year old application)FREE
Identity Document (replacement OR RE-ISSUE)$ 11.00
Maxi Passport$ 181.00
Regular Passport$ 91.00
Replacement of Lost/Damaged/Stolen Passport$ 91.00

Civic Services

Alteration of Date of Birth$ 6.00
Reissuing Birth / Death / Marriage Certificate$ 6.00
Change of Major’s Forename (Adult)$ 11.00
Change of Forename (Minor)$ 6.00
Application by a Major &Minor to assume a different surname$ 25.00
Permanent Residence$ 115.00
Confirmation of Permanent Residence$ 15.00
Retention of South African Citizenship$ 23.00
Retrospective Exemption from Loss of South African Citizenship$ 7.00
Letter of Non Impediment$ 4.00
Issuing of Duplicate Citizenship/ DUAL Certificate$ 7.00
Commissioner of Oaths FREE