Section 11 (2):Visitor’s Visa

Fees: CAN $ 32.00

Kindly Note: When you come for your in-person appointment, the address of the South African Chancery is 15 Sussex Drive, Ottawa. It is not 5 Rideau Gate.

Please note: section 11(2) is not a Work visa and should not be used for ongoing regular work activity. A section 11(2) visa shall not exceed 90 days and can only be extended/ reissued once in every calendar year. If the dates of the visa overlap into a new calendar year it will be calculated as part of the new calendar year.

Back to back applications for section 11(2) work visa within the same year by the same applicant at the Mission will no longer be accepted.


  • Collect the requirements under basic requirements. Each application must have its own supporting documents or we will deem it incomplete. We do not accept incomplete applications nor do we print supporting documents for applicants.
  • Complete Application form DHA-84 in black ink. Do not use wipe-out on forms or make alterations. Make sure this is signed and your email and working telephone number is there. Do not remove any pages from the application. Applications should be original ink not photocopies.
  • Section 11(2) applications must always include the two signed letters on official letterhead from the company/institution/entity/event abroad and in South Africa stating :
  • The exact dates of intended stay. (duration of the visit)
  • Purpose or necessity of work
  • Nature of work
  • Qualification and skills required for the work (Resume)
  • Place of work
  • Proof of remuneration or stipend that the foreigner will receive from the South African employer
  • Certified identity copy and contact details of the prospective South African employer or relevant contact person from the host institution and the Position of the person in the company
  • Proof of company registration of the Business with CIPC
  • Proof of good standing with SARS
  • Include a copy of the certified ID/ passport and status of the person that signed the letter from South Africa as well as contact details and email. Certified documents should not be older than six months. Official Letters from South Africa can only be signed by citizens and Permanent resident.

Film and Modelling Assignments:

  • Complete DHA-84 for 90 days and under visit
  • 2 identical passport size photos
  • Attach signed letters from FIVA association
  • Attach signed letters from the company in South Africa
  • CAN $32.00 processing fee. Pay by money order or certified cheque.
  • No personal cheques will be accepted.
  • Original passport and proof of status if you are not a Canadian citizen
  • Flight itinerary

Please note that in the absence of a FIVA letter we require the following to be added:

  • Proof of South African company registration and a certified copy of id or passport of the person that signed the letters. Please include from Canadian company if they are in collaboration with a South African company
  • Proof of accommodation in South Africa
  • 3 months to date bank statement from the applicant
  • Copy of employment contract with South African company
  • If the applicant is a minor (under 18) we require copy of long form birth certificate
  • Both parents certified copies of passports and marriage certificate, if married
  • Parents 3 months to date bank statement reflecting names . One parent’s information is good enough. Records should be from savings or chequeing accounts only.
  • Notarised financial support letter affirming that the child will be taken care of financially and emotionally during the trip. This should be done by the parent providing bank statements.

Sec 11(1)(b(iv visa film / modelling over 90 days visa:

All requirements for over 90 days visit

Include everything listed under the 90 days visa if you have FIVA letter

If you don’t have FIVA letter, follow the requirements for over 90 days visitor visa and then add everything listed above for people with no FIVA letter.