Medical Visa

Fee: C $32.00 (effective from 01 NOV 2022)

  • Collect the documents listed under basic requirement.
  • A letter from his or her registered medical practitioner or medical institution within the Republic confirming
  • That space is available at the medical institution
  • The estimated costs of the treatment;
  • Whether or not the disease or ailment is treatable or curable;
  • The treatment schedule;
  • The period of intended treatment in the Republic;
  • The details of, and confirmation by, the person or institution responsible for the medical expenses and hospital fees: Provided that in a case where the applicant’s medical scheme or employer is not liable for expenses incurred, proof of financial means to cover the medical costs shall be submitted;
  • Valid return air flight tickets, where applicable; and
  • Proof of sufficient financial means or provision for the costs indirectly related to the treatment.
  • A medical treatment visa may be issued for a maximum period of six months at a time.
  • Fee of CAN $32.00 paid by money order or certified cheque to The South African Consulate General in Toronto. No cash, please. No personal cheques, please.