Relatives’ visa

Fees: C $ 32.00 (effective from 01 NOV 2022)

Legally married couples and their children.

This is a visa that will be issued to relatives/ spouses and dependent children of South African citizens or residents intending to visit the Republic. It will be issued for the period not exceeding 24 months at a time.Documents to be submitted:

  • Collect the documents listed under basic requirements.
  • A certified copy of the South African citizen’s South African Passport or South African Identity Book or in the case of a permanent resident, their South African Identity Document or passport with permanent residence permit or full South African Birth Certificate (whichever is applicable proof of kinship for others);
  • Statement and/or documentation confirming purpose and duration of visit and proof that applicant is the immediate family member of South African citizens/permanent resident.
  • The financial assurance in question shall be an amount of R8500.00 per person per month and will not be applicable in the case of a spouse or a dependent minor child.
  • Computerized marriage certificate
  • A notarized letter from the South African citizen or permanent resident stating that they will support you financially and emotionally and the address where the person will be staying.
  • The applicant own three months to date bank statement should be included

You cannot apply for sec 11(6) if you have never applied for a relative visa first.

  • Include job offer if employed by a company
  • Include Proof of company registration of the Business with CIPC (companies and Intellectual property Commission) and Certificate of good standing with SARS