Retired person’s visa

Retired person’s visa: CAN $79.00 processing fee

  • Collect the documents listed under basic requirements.
  • The minimum payment to a foreigner contemplated in section 20(1)(a) of the Act shall be 37,000 Rands per month, the amount determined from time to time by the Minister by notice in the Gazette. The proof shall be in a form of:
    • Bank Statement ( THREE MONTHS TO DATE )reflecting your liquid funds Not credit lines or credit cards
    • Lease agreement for proof of rentals of additional income in your account from such properties
  • Letter from the pension fund indicating how much you are getting per month as a pensioner
  • Letter confirming weekly/monthly or annual pension payments
  • Letter from the financial companies confirming monthly dividend/interests
  • Providing us with your networth heps us in adjudicating your case.
  • Fee is CAN $79.00 paid by cash exact amount, money order or certified cheque payable to South African Consulate or High Commission