Treaty Visa

Fee: C $32.00 (effective from 01 NOV 2022)

This is a visa issued to a foreign national conducting activities in South Africa in terms of an international agreement to which South Africa is a party. Documents to be submitted:

  • Collect the documents listed under basic requirements.
  • Letter from the relevant organ of state attesting to:
    • The nature of the programme and the treaty under which it is conducted;
    • The fact that the relevant foreigner participates in such programme;
    • The type of activities that the foreigner is expected to perform under such programme and the duration thereof and whether he or she is expected to conduct work;
  • Proof of Governments to Government Treaty to be obtained from Foreign Affairs or confirmed with Head Office that such Treaty exists. Fee is CAN $32.00 paid by money order or certified cheque to the South African Consulate General in Toronto. No cash, please. No personal cheque.